Utility Power poles and Marine Piles manufactured

by Dulhunty Poles (ABN 67 137 039 975 )


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Utility Poles



Dulhunty Poles is a manufacturer and distributor of a uniquely comprehensive range of innovative engineered cement utility power poles and poles for a wide range of other applications.

As the name Engineered Cement Pole indicates, our utility poles are unique in the way they can be designed to meet specific customer needs. All our poles are designed for durability and strength by our team of experienced engineers.


Our Utility Poles are made with cement and Metakaolin, the most reactive Pozzolan. Our Utility poles contain no sand or stone and will not rust or spall and are highly resistant to corrosion in acid soils


Our product range is based on the patented material used to build the Titan pole and includes crossarms, low voltage insulators as well as power distribution poles, sub transmission poles and marine piles.

Fittings traditionally used for wood and concrete poles can be used for Titan poles but the hollow nature of the pole allows for the use of “toggle” bolts and attachments. A range of these fittings are available in galvanised steel and stainless steel.


The versatile nature of the Titan pole allows the production of poles designed to cope with unusual line requirements and projects aimed at solving a range of customer problems have been undertaken.

These include special burial conditions in rock filled volcanic ground, lightweight multipart poles for difficult access situations and where otherwise standard specifications have been enhanced by the light weight of the Titan pole.


Dulhunty Poles can provide poles to suit your needs. Our manufacturing process allows a high degree of flexibility in design and many variations of diameter and strength can be considered.

We have considerable experience in understanding the needs of international customers and in successful shipping methods for single and multi piece poles.

Philip Dulhunty OAM

Dulhunty Poles and Piles are Hollow.

Their strength is mainly in the outer layers (where the forces are greatest), this provides a superior strength to weight ratio than previous eucalypt hardwood used for marine piles. It reduces the force required to drive the pile into the seabead.

A further advance of the Dulhunty Pile is that like the electric power pole, it allows the forest trees to grow into larger “sawmill” logs for the building industry (much of this timber is now imported, like the AMZ timber at 102 Lougueville Road, Lane Cove!).

I think that I shall never see
A Pole as lovely as a tree
A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray
A tree where koala bears can rest
With mother nature at her best
Better poles now made by fools like me
So God can be left to grow his trees.

Use a tree?
Go for a Dulhunty cement pole.
Do You Care About Rot?
No! Use a tree.
Yes! Go for a Dulhunty cement pole.
Do You Care About Termites?
No! Use a tree.
Yes! Go for a Dulhunty cement pole.
Do You Care About Fire?
No! Use a tree.
Yes! Go for a Dulhunty fireproof cement pole.
Do You Care About Wildlife?
No! Use a tree.
Yes! Go for a Dulhunty cement pole.