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The Australasian Patented Dulhunty Titan Pole is fast becoming the only consideration for far-sighted electricity distributors in Australia and the Pacific Islands. Manufactured in Victoria, the hollow and lightweight Titan is a fibreglass reinforced cement pole that boasts many features; they are corrosion, rust, rot and termite proof, they are effectively electrically non-conductive, and do not spall or crack. However, the recent devastating bushfires across Australia evinced the immense benefits of the fireproof Titan and the need for a broader use of this technology in fire-prone areas. Electricity distributors with infrastructure affected by the destructive fires reported that the Titan stood unscathed in the aftermath, while wooden poles in the same area were totally destroyed. Th e lesson appears to have been well and truly heeded, with these discerning distributors flooding the Dulhunty Poles factory post bushfire with urgent requests for more Titans to replace their demolished wooden and other type poles. Two distributors are proactively replacing existing poles in fire prone areas with the Titan, as a matter of policy throughout the year. The fireproof Titan pole is manufactured in a vast array of sizes, which makes it preferable for private use electrical infrastructure in farm installations, as well as for floodlighting and tennis court illumination.
The special alkaline resistant fibreglass is encapsulated in a matrix of polymer modified cement which includes sulphate resistance cement, metakaolin, and several chemical additives to produce a practically inert material. Although the pole-top electrical equipment may be unserviceably damaged in a bush fire, with a Titan, the significantly more expensive entire-pole replacement cost is eliminated. This means the time-consuming process of sourcing and transporting of a new pole into what can sometimes be difficult terrain, is no longer an issue. Hence, the power should be restored much quicker. Additionally, bushfire threats through wooden pole failures due to fungal decay and vermin infestation are eliminated when using a Titan. Similarly, pole failures attributed to rust and associated structural deterioration in other pole materials are also removed. Th e unique Titan project strategy of ‘one pole installed for life,’ is promoted by the 70+ years minimum estimated service duration. With no ongoing maintenance or chemical application, and the lowest labour cost inspection regime, the ‘whole-of-Life’ efficiencies of the Titan are unparalleled in this industry. Th e Titan’s high strength to-weight ratio has been applauded by powerline designers for years. A recent survey of Titan poles in service for around seven years, showed the pole strength has in fact increased significantly since initial installation
The Titan manufacturing technology is also ideal for rural fencing – in any environment, but especially in fire-prone areas. Like the powerline, Titan Fence Posts will be still standing long after the fire burns through. Recent bushfires in New South Wales and Victoria destroyed thousands of kilometres of fencing, which appears to be the major reason for the latest increase in enquiries received for Titan Fencing for strainer posts, gate posts, intermediate posts, and droppers. Titan’s insulation qualities provide further positive consideration in the area of electric fencing. The enquiries were centred around finding a fence material they don’t have to replace or repair every time they experience a bushfire – they are tired of replacing the same fence infrastructure time, and time again. As the Titan requires no chemical preservation treatment which could leach into the soil, it makes it ideal around sensitive commercial fruit and vegetation crops. Easy to work with, the Titan can be either factory-drilled to the owners’ specifications, or the owner may choose to drill and dress in the field. The Titan offers a realistic, environmentally friendly foundation for bushfire proofing overhead powerlines and fencing throughout Australia. Its use is only limited by the users’ imagination and need.

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