Dulhunty Poles | Darkes Forest N.S.W
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Darkes Forest N.S.W

This pole installation was a great concern to the environmental workers and rangers from the Parks Authority  in the Wollongong District. Many precautions by the team from Endeavour were in place to make sure that it had minimal impact on the bushland and animals in the area.

Unanderra and Wollongong 1

Installation of 12 poles at Darkes Forest

Unanderra and Wollongong 2

Map of Darkes Forest

Unanderra and Wollongong 3

Entrance to power line area

Unanderra and Wollongong 4

New Dulhunty Pole installed next to 40 year old timber pole

Unanderra and Wollongong 5

Dressing change of direction pole

Unanderra and Wollongong 6

Dressing new Dulhunty Pole and disconnecting old pole

Unanderra and Wollongong 7

 Old wooden pole and new Dulhunty Pole

Unanderra and Wollongong 8

 View of bush area running down to the ocean – prone to bushfire- where Dulhunty fireproof poles are perfectly able to survive any accidental or deliberate fires