Port Phillip Bay, VIC

Driving Home Titan Piles Advantages

Elstone Diving Services recently installed a 12.5m x 24kN fiberglass, reinforced cement Titan Pile at Grassy Point, in Port Phillip Bay Victoria.

The pile was driven approximately 5.5m into the hard seabed – involving around 300 blows with a 2.5t driving hammer.

No damage or distortion to the Titan Pile top was evident after completion of the installation.

Elstone claimed the Titan Pile performed better during the installation than the other pile types they have used – including timber, concrete and steel. They also noted, the added significant advantage with Titan Piles is they will outperform all other types over a much longer life as well.

Titan Piles are the perfect marine partner with their suitability in saline conditions, no harmful chemicals to leach into waterways, leading to a low carbon footprint and the lowest whole of life in-service cost.

The Grassy Point Titan Pile installation.