Kangaroo Valley N.S.W

Kangaroo Valley

The replacement of an aged unsafe line of hardwood poles in Kangaroo Valley, near Nowra in southern NSW was a great opportunity for Endeavour Energy to construct a new line using 39 Titan power poles.

The terrain is hilly in some parts and linesmen were able to use standard equipment to install poles where traditional concrete poles would have required risky manoeuvers to handle high weights on inclines.

The clean lines and expected long life of the Titan poles will enhance the natural beauty of Kangaroo Valley and ensure that power supply  integrity for customers in this rural area will be safely maintained.

1 Kangaroo Valley Drilling

Pole dressing before lifting

2 Kangaroo Valley Fitting insulators

Pole lifted into position

3 Kangaroo Valley preparing wire stays

Cross arms fitted

4 Kangaroo Valley fitting wire stays

Stay wires attached

5 Kangaroo Valley Finished fitting crossarm

Multi directional lines

6 Kangaroo Valley Pole wiring complete

Wiring complete

7 New( Dulhunty pole ) and Old wooden pole

Kangaroo Valley New Dulhunty Titan Pole and old wooden pole

8 New (Dulhunty pole vs wooden pole

 Kangaroo Valley New Dulhunty Titan pole versus wooden pole