French Polynesia

Termite attack in a corrosive marine environment required an easily shipped pole with special properties.

Thousands of Titan poles ranging in length from 9m to 16m and strengths from 3kN to 24kN are now in service.


Titan pole survived landslide

EDT 3 Pole in Tree

9m 3kN Titan street service pole


14m 8.4kn 2 part Titan pole


12m 16kN Titan pole being Used for multi directional services

5Two part pole top is fitted to base insert

Top piece of 2 part pole,being fitted to base

6 Fitting new top to insert base

14m 2 part Titan pole  to replace old wooden pole

7 New pole alongside old pole ready for rewiring

14m 2 part Titan pole ready for service

DSC03279 EDT yard

Storage area for Dulhunty Titan poles

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