Balranald and Buronga N.S.W.

Essential Energy placed 12.5m/12kN poles in several lines within townships and in rural areas.

The Titan pole meshed seamlessly with existing wooden poles.

1 Balranald lifting pole into position

Pole lifted into place easily by using a sling

2 Balranald lifing pole into position

Pole raised with minimal interference to existing lines

IMG_0621 Balranald 3 Pole in Position 2

Pole in position

3 Balranald new pole rewired

 Pole installed and wired

IMG_0662 Buronga 1 Crane Lift

Removal of damaged ( by lightning) wood  pole and Titan pole pre dressed ready for installation

7 Balranald drilling hole

 Auger drilling hole

5 Balranald earth stake

Back filling after pole placed in position

IMG_0704 Buronga 4 Fitting poles steps

 Fitting pole steps (easier than fitting to wood)