Recycling Poles

Recycling Poles

Titan Poles manufacture by Dulhunty Poles are expected to have a very long life, unless subjected to severe physical damage or if removed from service due to system design changes and recycling must be included as in any asset management plan. Our experience with recycling has arisen from the need to dispose of broken poles from the more than 300 full scale destructive tests conducted as a product range has developed.

Provided that the pole retains its basic form, there is no doubt that a wide range of potential users will compete for pole remains in order to recycle  it as one of a large number of items. Dulhunty Poles has destroyed more than 300 poles during testing and investigation of of design variations and have found great competition amongst eager applicants including those willing to pay for the pole remains and remove them from our premises. Alternative uses have been most easily identified in rural situations with fence or gate posts and culvert pipes the most common. Other uses include retaining walls and horse arena boundaries and obstacles for pony clubs. Unusual examples include incinerator chimneys and Murray Cod nesting boxes.

The Blazeaid farm support organization has used pole pieces to reconstruct fences destroyed by bush fires and others have used similar methods to build cattle yards. Farmers are very innovative and methods adopted to use pole pieces have varied but most rely on the ability  to easily cut and drill pole material with diamond coated tools including chainsaws.

The variety of uses in the agricultural sector has been encouraged by the inert nature of the pole material providing a shield against contamination found when CCA treated timbers are placed in contact with the earth.

Recycling 1

Gate Post

Recycling 2

Planter Pots

Recycling 3

Farm Fencing

Recycling 4a

Dam or Retaining Wall

retaining wall drysdale 1

Garden Retaining Wall

Recycling 6b

Driveway Drain or Culvert