Marine Piles

Marine Piles

The  lightweight and steel free construction of Titan marine piles offer marine constructors a new product where corrosion resistance is an important factor.

The piles can be mechanically driven or emplaced in prepared holes with smaller barges and lifting gear than other pile types. No harmful chemicals are used so that operators need no specialised protective gear and no chemical leaching can contaminate waters.

Available in lengths to 12.5m and in diameters and strengths to suit the needs of the particular job, the Titan marine pile can be drilled and cut to enable initial construction or later modification.

Floating Pontoon Pylons

Pontoon at St Helens boat ramp Geelong

Hazard Shipwreck Marker

Clarence Shipwreck Marker St Leonards

Pier light

 Flood light on jetty at Geelong Marina


Barge crane used to position and install  Titan Pile at Ivany Jetty


Lane Cove River Pontoon


Sydney Harbour Pontoon