Distribution Power Poles

 Distribution  Power Poles

Distribution systems worldwide face a range of challenges dependant on the local environment and the traditional design which may have been in use for many decades.

Overhead lines are still a common feature except in very sophisticated systems and where high loads make undergrounding economical. The range of pole type used includes omni directional (round) and rectangular shapes in materials ranging from softwoods, hardwoods, steel, concrete and fibre reinforced polymers.

The Titan pole combines many of the strong features of these pole types and overcomes common problems such as current leakage, rot, rust, fire and termite attack. It also allows drilling and other rework after installation so future system development is enhanced.

The Titan range for Distribution includes poles from 9m to 21.5m in length, and in strengths from 3kN to 24kN. Special pole designs are readily produced to allow for unusual demands.