Dulhunty Poles | Overview
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The preferred installation method is Direct Burial. One benefit of using Titan poles is that they are ideal in corrosive areas or areas subjected to chemicals. Unlike metal, Titan poles are not susceptible to chemicals, salt air, high humidity, varied soil conditions or other issues that may affect other materials. A Titan pole will not spall or chip from environmental conditions.

Industry Issues

  • Wood supply shrinking
  • Need to treat wood with preservative chemicals
  • Industry issues include Termites, Bushfires, Conductivity of steel/concrete poles, Salt attack, Weathering
  • Weight of poles (wood, concrete) restricting machinery & transport
  • Rusting of poles made with steel reinforcing or using steel components
  • Carbon footprint of poles and all products in the present political context

WHY Engineered Cement Poles

  • Finished Pole is not subject to rot, rust, fire or termite attack and needs no chemical treatment
  • Expected life – more than 70 years
  • Evidence of inspection can be demonstrated by reading RFID & downloading to computer
  • Inspection restricted to visual examination of any physical damage caused by vehicles or unusual natural events
  • Fire testing done according to ENA protocol. The results were excellent with the Titan pole the only non wooden pole tested in his manner
  • Other features: It can be drilled with carbide tipped bits or diamond coated hole saws, allowing field personnel to attach fittings if required
  • Titan pole has a taper of 12mm/m which allows fittings utilizing steel straps or collars if required.
  • Not subject to corrosion from salt air or pollution
  • It has a hard, impenetrable surface so that possums, koalas etc find them difficult to climb
  • Low Whole of Life Cost
  • Can be supplied in 2 parts to aid installation in difficult access areas or to reduce service downtime, and for special purpose applications up to 3 or 4 or more parts can be supplied.
  • Can be engineered for specific use
  • It is non conductive and leakage currents are demonstrably less than for spotted gum and much lower than for steel or steel reinforced concrete.
  • Each length can be supplied in the desired kN rating