Technology Overview

  • Continuous fibreglass rovings provide tensile strength and allow production of required combination of properties
  • Polymer modified cement provides short initial cure and enhanced ductility and strength over time
  • Life of the reinforced and modified matrix is enhanced due to inhibition of lime migration as the material ages
  • Kaolin clay additive absorbs hydroxyls and enhances cured strength
  • Matrix strength at 28 days is 100 MPa minimum

Titan Poles combines the strength of concrete and lightweight design to produce the most cost effective solution for lighting and distribution pole needs on a whole life basis.

  • Lighter than wood and concrete
  • Engineered product
  • Easy to handle, ship and install
  • Ease of inspection & low maintenance
  • Non conductive
  • Unburnable
  • Will not rot or rust
  • Non corroding
  • Withstands wind gusts
  • Suitable for marine applications or saline ground conditions
  • More flexible than concrete poles
  • Lowest carbon footprint of all poles
  • Standard wood or concrete Pole fittings can be used
  • Termite proof
  • Strongly UV resistant

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification)

Uniquely, Dulhunty Titan Poles have RFID Identifiers embedded in the pole during production. The RFID is therefore not exposed to weather or fire. The insulation of the pole and heat capacity of the RFID ensures ongoing identification is maintained for the pole life.

The Dulhunty RFID has the following advantages:

  • Positive identification & tracking of poles from manufacturing to installation to maintenance
  • Increases certainty of powerline integrity
  • Facilitates Utility asset management
  • Aiding manpower budgeting – as history is built up, the expected inspection time can be related to pole type/age
  • With modern geospatial products, the Dulhunty RFID offers utlities a comprehensive management system to positively identify poles and locate them geographically within the network.