Business History

We’re not new in the Powerline Pole business!

Dulhunty Poles is the latest venture by Philip Dulhunty in the field of poles for the electric industry.

Formed in 2009, the company holds an exclusive license for the manufacture of electrical products in Australia and New Zealand utilising patented technology invented in the USA.

The pole manufacturing plant in Moolap, Victoria is located in a purpose built factory allowing the vertical construction of poles to 17 metres. Production began in 2011 and more than 15,000 poles are now installed in the electricity distributions systems of Australia, French Polynesia and New Zealand. The Titan pole has many advantages compared with the traditional pole types, the outstanding advantage being its long term RELIABILITY.

This was recognised by Philip Dulhunty when he discovered the Titan Technology and to quote Philip:” We’re not new in the Powerline Pole Business! “

A 60 year History of Dulhunty Poles 1949-2011
(extracts from Philip Dulhunty’s autobiography “Never a Dull Moment”)

In 1948 after Dulmison had started in the overhead powerline fittings business, the engineers in the rural electricity authorities were always complaining they couldn’t get enough decent poles to build their lines with.

‘Can’t put insulators and wires up in the air, if we don’t have the poles to put them on,’ was the constant refrain. ‘What about you Dulhunty? You seem to be able to supply everything else. Why don’t you look into the pole business?’

That was just one more challenge to a young, enterprising 25-year-old, and I couldn’t resist it — especially being a kid who grew up in Port Macquarie with a lot of kids from Wauchope timber families. At this time Roger my brother was gradually taking over Dad’s surveying and real estate business, so Dad had a bit of spare time and was looking for something to do. He had spent most of his earlier days in the Dorrigo– Comboyne areas of NSW, putting the Oxley Highway through, and he knew the mountain forest areas like the back of his hand. More importantly he knew the bushies, the timber cutters and saw millers.

‘You buy me an army jeep,’ he said, ‘and I’ll get you plenty of poles.’ And so it was on…

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