Dulhunty Poles | About Us
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About Dulhunty Poles
Manufacturers of Power Poles & Marine Piles

Dulhunty Poles is a manufacturer and distributor of a uniquely comprehensive range of innovative engineered cement utility poles for a large number of applications. As the name Engineered Cement Pole indicates, our poles are unique in the way they can be designed to meet specific customer needs. All our poles are designed for durability and strength by our team of experienced engineers.

We have a strong commitment to product improvement and innovation and pride ourselvesĀ  in the dedication to our customers by providing them with personal after sales service..

OurĀ  poles are made with cement and metakaolin, the most reactive Pozzolan. Our poles contain no steel, sand or stone and will not rust, spall and are highly resistant to corrosion in acid soils.